Sunday, October 30, 2005

FastTelco or QualityNet ?

Which Provider is better for DSL, FastTelco or QualityNet?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Men & Their Brains

This post goes out for the guys, not that I get many visitors lol but I hope to get some response. Ladies are welcomed to share their thoughts as well.

There are a few issues related to men that I would like to know more about, but first I need to give an introduction about myself for you to understand why I am discussing such a topic:

As a child growing up into womanhood I didn’t have a lot of male figures around me except my dad and brother who left to study abroad when I was very young, and I didn’t have any close male relatives so my experience with men was very limited. As a teenager I really didn’t go through that phase where I was boy crazy. I had one crush for about 2 years and it ended as soon I went to college in the states. So you can imagine the culture shock I went through being around guys suddenly.

But even then I was always the well behaved girl, knowing my boundaries and sticking to my beliefs and traditions of my culture. I sort of regret not being bad a little, but I think it’s just against my nature to be anything but the good girl.

Now my dilemma starts with a problem I am facing, since I have as mentioned above little experience with the men species it is difficult for me to read them in the sense of what attracts them and what would make them run away. Let me elaborate more.

If a girl such as I, happens to develop an interest in a guy, what can she do or say to make you the guy notice her? And how would she know if you were into her? I know they sound like stupid basic questions, but I do have to say some of you guys send out weird singles. You seem interested, but if the girl started to be interested in return you seem to step back? Is it that you just want the thrill of the hunt/chase or do you just want to fool around?

Another question, how would a girl know if you the guy are interested in her in the in the aspect of you wanting her to be your wife? Do you talk about marriage after a couple of months? Or can you go on for years and never mentioned the M word?
I have a lot of more questions to ask but for now I will stop with these. I hope to get some insightful info about how men think and how their minds operate!