Tuesday, February 28, 2006

For the Broken Heart

Have a broken heart and don’t know how to deal with it? Don’t fret just go to Germany and visit this hospital

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dating In Kuwait

As I was driving home from work the other day, my inner chatterbox switched on and the usual thoughts about the events of my day and just life in general started to takeover. However this time and maybe due to the excessive talk at work about Valentines and what each girl/guy will be buying her/his spouse this February the 14th ,the dating scene came to my mind.

I started to think about all the red roses that will be exchanged between couples, the time and effort some will put into finding that perfect gift for that special person, and the words that will be so thoughtfully written on a card to share with someone significant.

I know that when you love someone you don’t just show it on a day that has been overly marketed by companies such as Hallmark. I know it should be something that is expressed on a daily bases, if not by saying it than by doing the small things that signifies so much. However I do have to say as I was thinking these thoughts a longing came over me and I wished that I had someone special to share it with, someone who will say illusion I love that corny sense of humor of yours, I love the kindness of your heart, I love that you can laugh at your self, I just love you illusion.

Of course this train of thought started to pull me down so I was like ok I need to switch channels here. So I stated to think about Valentines and dating again only this time I was thinking where couples go on a date in Kuwait especially on Valentines. And for that matter where do couples go when they are on a regular date!

As many of you know you don’t want to be seen with your partner if you don’t happen to be married but come one lets face it Kuwait is so small that you’re bound to bump into someone you know, or knows you through someone else.

So I thought I’d share my thoughts with you and take the chance to ask where couples go in Kuwait if they were on a date? By the way answering by saying driving around in the car is not acceptable!

But seriously where are the places that a couple can go to without being seen by all of Kuwait and somewhere really nice as well and not the drive through of McDonalds!

Hey I might even need this information for myself one day in the near future (Crossing my Fingers)

So share your knowledge or maybe in this case your secrets please ;p