Sunday, January 03, 2010

Slipping Away

I can feel you slipping away again. They say every beginning has an end, and I sometimes i feel ours is coming soon. I hold you hand and hold my breath, waiting for you to pull me into your arms to hold me tight and keep me close like you do everytime, but you just turn away leaving me all alone, so confused so dazed.

I try to ignore the signs, I try to denay it. but the calls are becoming less and far in between. I dont understand why, I dont know the reasons. My pride holds me back I wont ask why I wont ask whats going on.

I wait on the sidelines and pray. I have so much faith in God that he will bring you back to me forever this time. No more going back, I have faith that you will get that couarge to leap with me by your side.

I have faith that this time our end will be our beginning of forever after .....