Saturday, August 27, 2005

For an Angel

Numbness overcomes me
From this shock I want to flea

How can it be?
Her smile I will never see

Her usual words
I will never forget
“Have you met anyone yet?”

With a wicked grin
I’d giver her my usual answer
“Not yet, waiting for you
To find me a dream lover”

She would chuckle
and our little tradition
would go on
Only today she is gone
With her
Our ritual forgone

Each time I close my eyes
I see her image and I cry
For I never had the chance
To say my final goodbyes

Tomorrow, I kept saying
I’ll pay her a visit
Not realizing that God
Would be taking her spirit

The image of her beautiful face
Appears to me everyday
Her sweet smile, her kind eyes, her grace
From my head I can’t erase

In peace
She now lays
Separating me from her
Are only minutes, hours and days

So until then
I’ll say a little prayer
Asking God
to unit me with

her soon again

I dedicate this poem to my aunt who just recently past away, and I ask anyone who reads this poem to say a little prayer for her even if you don’t know her ..I’d really appreciate it, thanks.