Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rainbow Bright .....Ewwww

A few days ago I was watching cartoons on the Boomerang channel with my niece, when they put Rainbow Bright (Ewwww). I of course was like oh my god how much older can these cartoons get. But I was in for an even bigger surprise when they put “The Littles”.

My favorite cartoon growing up (don’t laugh) was ThunderCats (yes if you are wondering, I did go through a tomboy stage as a child). Whenever Lion-O stood with his sword pointing straight up in the air and cried thunder, thunder THUNDERCATS, you would find me in the same position with my pretend sword made of air shouting at the top of my lungs the same words over and over again. Also He-Man, Master of the Universes was another favorite but of course nothing compared to the ThunderCats.

I also liked Alvin and the Chipmunks, don’t ask me why I liked this cartoon because I really didn’t like Alvin the main chipmunk, he was annoying as hell. I think it was the way they talked it was so adorable or maybe I had a thing for Theodore lol.

DuckTales was another favorite of mine. All those adventures they would go on were fun and let’s not forget the classic picture of them swimming in all that gold now that was just a plain turn on for me ;p

As you can tell, my least favorite cartoon was Rainbow Bright and her stupid horse Starlight “The Most Significant Horse in the University” come on people give me a break! The Robot Horse was waaaay much cooler! I however did like the character Lurky the sidekick of Rainbows Bright’s villain.

So what were some of your favorites or not so favorite cartoons (English and/or Arabic)?