Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

I wonder do you ever check your cell phone and wonder why I have not messged you today or wonder why have I not called you today. I wonder do you ever wonder about me at all. Wish I could read your mind sometimes.

Traveling on Monday, don't feel like going and don't feel like getting on a plane. Top it off I sure as hell don't feel like packing. I never know what to take and how much clothes to take a long!. They need a service where you call someone and they pack for you. Wish I could have one of our nannies do it but god forbid I took them away from Mom's daily tasks.

Tummy hurting me, and sleepy and wish I could drink some hot coco. So despertaly wanting to drink so Johny Rockets hot coco.

So obessed with the food network channel. Makes me want to get some dishes and go to the store and get some ingredients and whip something up, but too lazy to do all the above lol.

Wish I could find the energy to stop being lazy. They need to make a get off your a$$ and stop being lazy Pill, seriously scientest are wasting their time with stuff vapirizing your aging lines away and need to focus on an energy pill that makes you so unlazy.

Went to a moview today called the "Town". I was never a big fan of Ben Afflek's locks, but I do have to say as this guy ages he is looking finer. I guess he is like wine gets better with age, or is that cheese well anyway one of them

Falling a sleep as I am typing, hopefully I will sleep tonight without any dreams. Been having nightmeres lately all about work. Please god Please god get me out of my job and take me somewhere i'll be able to excel at without all the stress. Thinking a lot lately of doing my own business, just don't know what to do, maybe I need to start actually applying what I am watching on food newtwork to real life and expand on this idea. People are obsessed with eating in this country so it could work.

Need to do my meditation before I fall a sleep. Hate the thought of packing..yuk yuk yuk !


At November 17, 2010 4:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I guess this post will suffice for the meditation :)


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