Thursday, May 24, 2007

French Fries & Kabab-ji Fatoosh Salad:

I realized about a few months ago that I am very selfish when it comes to sharing my French Fries with anyone and I mean anyone.

Example 1:

One day I was having a McRoyal meal from McDonalds for lunch and as I was eating my Mcroyal Hamburger and my Delicious hot French Fries, my 5 year old niece comes to me and asks if I could share some of my fries.

This was the first time it hit me that I might an issue when it comes to sharing my fries because I wanted to say no to her and it wasn’t just any no I wanted to say NO! HELL NO! but of course I contained myself and gave her some of the fries, and the whole time she was eating them I kept my eyes on her to see if she would eat all of them and hoping in the depths of my soul that she wouldn’t. God must have taken pity on me that day cuz she didn’t eat all of them and I was happy again!

Example 2

I went with one my close friends to Johnny Rockets for lunch and when it came time to order she was like let’s order ½ and ½ dish (1/2 fries ½ onion rings for those who don’t know) and we can share. Of course my heart almost stopped beating and I broke out in a sweat. My brain started shouting “YOU WANT ME TO SHARE MY FRIES!!!!!. ARE YOU CRAZY!!!! TELL HER NO! HELL NO!” but of course being the extra nice me that I am I said sure ok.

And every time she would reach for one of the fries, my mind kept shouting “SHE BETTER STOP EATING THE FRIES!! THERE WON”T BE ENOUGH LEFT FOR ME!!!! OH WHY COULDN”T SHE HAVE ORDERED HER OWN!!” I then would go on to count how many are left to be eaten!!!

This was the day I confirmed I had issues with French fries. Yesterday I realized I have this issue as well with Kaba-ji’s Fatosh Salad. I just can’t share that salad either with anyone. I ordered it yesterday and I dived in to it right there in the car as soon as the guy who takes the order gave me the bag. My mom asked if she could try it since I have been ordering it everyday for the last week. Of course I gave her the container but my mind went into freak mood again. It kept saying “WHY DID YOU GIVER HER THE SALAD!! WHY!!! YOU KNOW SHE IS GONA EAT ALL THE BREAD AND FINISH IT AND YOU WON”T GET TO ENJOY YOUR SALAD!!!! YOU ARE A STUPID GIRL!!!!” This time I just couldn’t bear it and I took my salad away from my mom and gave the excuse that I was starving !

So do any of you guys have any certain food that you just can’t share no matter who the person is or how close he/she is to you? Or is it just me that has issues!