Saturday, September 08, 2007

So Annoying

It really annoys me when a Non-Kuwaiti Arab tries to talk Kuwaiti. I don't know why but I sort of lose some of my respect for them. I mean mastering the Kuwaiti dialogue is not an easy thing to do and to hear an Egyptian or a Lebanese try to talk Kuwaiti and do such a bad job of it just irritates the hell out of me.

I currently have to deal with this Lebanese Guy that keeps trying to talk Kuwaiti which he happens to suck at, and I have this terrible urge to tell him listen dude stick to your Lebanese accent which happens to sound so much better and sexier than the Kuwaiti one because honestly you do such a bad job of it and it's annoying the hell out of me when you say crap like "afaaa" and "eshd3wa"

By the way I am not prejudice, I am just a person that gets easily annoyed lol


At September 08, 2007 9:17 PM , Anonymous chikapappi said...

Wekl yeah, it might sound you like are prejudice bas if you don't like it, tell him to face 3ala 6ool a7san :)

I do that

At September 08, 2007 9:48 PM , Blogger Blue Dress said...

I think everyone is entitled to speak whatever accent or language they prefer speaking in...

You shouldn’t concentrate in it so much therefore get less annoyed ayy?!

Spread the love

At September 08, 2007 9:51 PM , Blogger nQ said...

i think its soo cute!! i find it adorable when theyh try a different accent even though its harder for them. As long as its not a serious conversation, its fine. otherwise, they can kuwaiticize their words as much as they can.

At September 09, 2007 1:16 AM , Blogger TOUCHE' said...

Well it's both annoying and cute. Depends on the persona you are dealing with. Basically if you like the guy then his attempts to mimic the accent is considered cute and funny, while if you can't stand him then any efforts shall be considered irritating.

Haven't you ever tried to speak with another accent? It just happens naturally to create a more friendly atmosphere, no bad intentions in trying new accents unless the guy is trying to act like a Kuwaiti with all means which might be offensive if done badly.

At September 12, 2007 11:45 PM , Blogger Maya // مايا said...

Wonder why they do it though- do they just try to win admiration and stuff or fit in easily? Or is it being Kuwaiti some kind of Arabian Dream? God alone knows!

But yeah, it does get cute sometimes :) When people try too hard though, that's when it sucks :)

♥ Maya

At September 14, 2007 12:31 PM , Blogger illusion said...


It's true I don't like the guy. He comes off like he knows it all so I think I have taken a dislike to him and with the Kuwaiti accent factor it just bothers me even more :)

Blue Dress:

Khalas I will spread the love :)

If you heard this guy you wouldnt think its soo cute ;p

What you said is true, and no I don't try to speak with another accent because i suck at any attempt i have done so I will not insult the person infront of me by killing their own accent :)

hehe tha7aktni walla, maybe its a dream they want to become Kuwaiti bas I really doubt it ;p

At September 15, 2007 1:13 AM , Anonymous Peony said...

no it doesn't sound prejudice..
i hate it too !!
it just sounds so wrong.. like they're trying too hard..
though i got a friend who speaks q80 3adl, china ga3d wiyanah, but he isnt.. him i dont mind, bs the rest.. y, ya kirihum.. noo3i azif ba3ad !

At September 25, 2007 8:31 PM , Anonymous Read my Libs said...

So it makes it alright for a Non Kuwaiti Non Arab to try and talk Kuwaiti, is it? Why the double standard??
I know it' very personal and you are entitled to feel the way you do but I would feel most flattered if a total alien from two continents away were to try and pick up my dialect and feign interest in our food, our culture and what makes us who we are.
On a different note, how do you suppose the Lebanese feel about Ms. Halima Boland who tries and talks Lebanese!? I also know of several young couples in Kuwait who like to school their children in the Lebanese way of Arabic and French pronounciation by sending them off to residential school in the Lebanon.

At December 25, 2007 9:50 PM , Blogger Orangina fadidra said...

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